MAKE UP tips for people who wear glasses


Over and over the decades, a lot of myths have been accumulated about what is allowed and what is not allowed when wearing glasses. Personally, over the years of working in the make-up industry and "repainting" hundreds of faces of eyeglass-wearers, I noticed that so many of them, have a fear of making a bummer. They easily give up of making make-up. Unnecessarily! As you know, a skilfully selected (not necessarily almost invisible) make-up can add charm to every woman, including a group of eyeglass-wearers.

Let's talk about make-up and its corrective functions. It's very interesting when we think about the latest trends of the Spring / Summer 2020 season. Make-up for glasses does not have to be boring, conservative and deprived of a hint of healthy, fashion madness. Let's start with the eyeglass make-up alphabet. No, even the most beautiful eye makeu-p will be beautiful with its shine in the company of underdeveloped skin makeup, i.e. visible imperfections and discoloration. Firstly, we need to pay a special attention to the eye area. We have to moisturize the skin, and then correct its color with foundation, BB cream or point corrector. When it comes to an under-eye concealer, it is worth choosing a shade similar to the color of the foundation, or a bit lighter, but necessarily with a warm peach shade. As a result, the natural shadow under the eyes, enhanced by the grayish shadow cast by the frames and lenses of the glasses, will be eliminated and the look will immediately gain a healthy glow (called "8 hours of sleep").  I want to leave the use of blush and / or bronzer without strict guidelines, but let me just mention that blush immediately gives the skin life and the bronzer creates an impression of greater three-dimensional and a healthy sunscreen, so it's worth reaching for these cosmetics not only on holidays. It is worth fixing the finished complexion with a small amount of powder, paying particular attention to the sides of the nose, the point of contact between the frames and the skin.

Before we move on to the playing with eyeliners, shadows, crayons and lipsticks, I want to say a few words about the gray eminence of perfect makeup, i.e. eyebrows. Eyebrows are an absolutely key element of a successful make-up. Their shape is a frame for the eye and a background for perfectly matched frames, so it is worth paying a little more attention to them. Firstly, the shape of the eyebrows should be adapted to the shape of the face, brow ridge and their thickness to the size of the face. In the current makeup trends, invariably for several seasons, we have been focusing on a natural, not too thin, but rather thicker eyebrow with a slight filling of cavities with shadow or eyebrow pencil. Heavy, graphic, thickly drawn eyebrows are not a good choice, so choose lighter products with less coverage and a natural finish. I recommend eyeglass wearers to get a fixing eyebrow gel, thanks to which the eyebrow hairs will remain in perfect shape throughout the day, even in the case of contact with the frames.

Now, we can move on to the general rules of eyeglass-wearer' make-up. First of all, the make-up behind the glasses is slightly unvisible, so if we want to have more visible mak-up, we have to paint it slightly more than in the option without glasses. Secondly, the minuses make the eyes smaller and the pros make the eyes bigger. In make-up for short-sighted people, it is worth using eye enlargement tricks such as: using shimmering shadows in the inner corner of the eye and on the movable part of the eyelid, applying a flesh-colored pencil on the waterline and thoroughly covering the lower and upper eyelashes after curling the upper eyelash line with an eyelash curler. Curled eyelashes will open and enlarge the eye, and at the same time, the eyelashes will not rest against the glass. The main emphasis of the make-up should be put on the upper lash line and accentuate it with an additional line made with a soft eyeliner or eyeliner. Remember, however, that eyeliner requires perfect precision from us, so for people with more visual impairments, this product may be too problematic. The color of the line made with a soft crayon or eyeliner does not have to be black, however. In the case of make-up for glasses, lines in colors that emphasize the shade of the iris of the eye by contrast. So let's get a copper-brown crayon, plum, eggplant, pomegranate or bottle green. The most important thing is that the thickness of the line does not dominate the eye, but only defines it so that it does not get lost in the shadow of the frames.

In the general rules of make-up for "pluses", it is worth not to enlarge the eyes, not necessarily using minimizing tricks, because a black smokey eye or an eye outlined with a black pencil, although effectively reducing the eyes, will not necessarily add charm to your daily makeup. It is enough to give up pearly shadows, and mark the upper and lower eyelids with a blended haze of cooler light brown or gray, soft with no visible sharp lines. As in the case of makeup for "minuses", it is worth marking the upper eyelash line with a line made with eyeliner or eyeliner, but in this case we do not have to be afraid of a thicker line. When mascaraing eyelashes, remember about their perfect separation, keeping in mind that with magnifying glasses, each lump or clump of eyelashes will be more visible.

Now that we went trough the alphabet, let's move on to the next level to match our make-up to the nature of the frames. The first make-up artist who dealt with this topic comprehensively was the world-famous Bobbi Brown, who herself, being an eyewear-wearer, perfectly understood eyeglass dilemmas. How to choose the frames to the shape of the eyes and face and then design a make-up that perfectly harmonizes with the whole frame? There is no simple answer to the above question, but there are some tips to follow when creating a make-up that matches the frames.

Firstly, the design of the frame and its shape. Make-up and frames have to play in the same team. In this season ultra-fashionable are thin, metal frames referring to the style of the 90s. They will perfectly complete the make-up with an accent on matt or shiny lips in a shade of wine or dull brown. For this a light eye and mandatory blush on the cheeks! A drawn line will work great for cat-style frames - thin for thinner frames, eg Jai Kudo Beauty Bomb, and roughly for stronger acetate frames, such as Jai Kudo Cloud Nine or Finenes. Glamor frames, such as Phenomenon, will perfectly match red lipstick and minimalist eye makeup in the form of a thin line at the lash line. Frames in a beige, boring color look great in a delicate make-up emphasizing a sunny tan with the addition of warm shades of peach or coral. Peach roses are great for creating the so-called. mono-eyed make-up using the same color on the lips, eyelids and cheeks. Reaching for the frames of a shade of red or intense pink, e.g. like Budo Allegory or Ariana, we can try to repeat the color of the frames on the lips, e.g. in a matte lipstick version with soft, fashionable this season, slightly rubbed edges, but in this case it is worth withdrawing eye makeup and settle for a delicate eye shadow and a double layer of mascara. The square-shaped frames with a more masculine expression look great with a minimalist makeup with a stronger eyebrow in the lead role, necessarily brushed vertically upwards as in fashion shows. For lovers of colored frames, one advice is to literally repeat the color of the frames in eye shading, unless the color appears as an accent in the inner corner, in the color of the line above the upper lash line or in the color of a mascara. Following this path, the easiest way to create an electrifying look is to use a mascara in the color of the frames, e.g. purple mascara for purple frames. 

Spring and summer always bring a breath of freshness and something new, such as positive energy to fashion. So let's get carried away by the wave of optimism and introduce some sun and colors into your make-up routine. Regardless of whether you decide on a more vivid shade of blush to the cheeks, a juicy lip gloss, colored mascara or an electrifying color of lipstick, remember that the frames are never an obstacle to play with makeup, on the contrary, they can be a treasury of makeup inspirations.